Garry’s Mod 14 has all new tools and features

One of top ten games on chart of famous game designer “Steam”, Gmod Free or Gmod has been a fruitful sandbox game with numerous mods and customization you could add.  In this article you can learn how you can download and install this all famous game Gmod for free and once you download and play you will certainly share that gem with your friends as well.Garry’s Mod is actually a free-roaming sandbox game which has been developed by famous Face Punch Studios. Well known for its online-game play, Gmod (Garry’s Mod) first started as sandbox mode through using analtered version of Source Engine by Valveand was not considered a comprehensive game. Originally, gmod was a mod game for well-known game HL 2, later it was converted into standalone game.  In GMod, You’ve an option to choose between single or multiplayer mode. There’s no prearranged objective. Gmod is what you can make of it. You’ve an ability to add opponents guarding a particular target that you have to collect &escape with; you can however, build your very own designed area over map which is pre-existing; or you can join Role-playing(RP) server and have fun building and messing with others.

Gmod (1).png

How to download and install Gmod in your computer

  • Click the Download button on the official website of Garry’s mod and you must be redirected to the download link.
  • Click Download with help of web browser or Download with help of any download manager because software is quite big and if you try to download it without download accelerator, it could take long to be downloaded in your computer. (For downloading through web browser, you must use chrome and have download manager extension installed, which you can get for free from Chrome extension store).
  • Once Gmod Free 14 is done downloading, you need to right file and then click on “Extract to GMod 14” (To do that you should have WinRAR, which you can online easily).
  • Double click the setup file inside the extracted folder and run it
  • Follow an autonomous setup and let game install.
  • After that double click on “Update” on desktop and let game update it with latest patches.
  • After that “Check files” then “patch” and allow Gmod update. (You’ll see a blue command box along with green letters updating game. Don’t close that box and wait for an update to finish).
  • Gmod Free will automatically begin as soon as the update is completed. Play on ‘Servers’ or ‘begin new game’ but don’t try play on ‘Run multiplayer Game’
  • If playing on servers, choose a server and then wait for it to load (load times could also take quite long so try to be patient)

That’s how you can download and enjoy this game. However, if you wish to update it, you can use update Gmod button anytime on the screen, especially when there is a new update available.


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